In private

In addition to all the services that are covered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québe, the clinic also offers some additional services that may require an extra charge.

Private services offered

Sneak Peek early gender DNA test 169.00$
Hystérosonography 399.00$
Liquid-based cytology  
Blood samples  
1st trimester obstetrical ultrasound 160,00 $
Nuchal translucency ultrasound (only) 175,00 $
Nuchal translucency ultrasound (redo) 90,00 $
Nuchal translucency ultrasound (twins) 275,00 $
2nd and 3rd trimester obstetrical ultrasound 260,00 $
2nd and 3rd trimester obstetrical ultrasound (twins)   280,00 $
Gynaecological ultrasound 160,00 $
1st trimester prenatal screening (Prenatest Plus) 505,00 $
2nd trimester prenatal screening 265,00 $
Screening for cell-free fetal DNA (Harmony test) 349,00 $

In our clinic, blood test services are offered by Dynacare Medical Laboratory.
We can also direct you towards other alternatives according to your needs.