Equity Policy

All of the obstetrician-gynaecologists working at the «Centre de Gynécologie et de Maternité» are affiliated with LaSalle hospital. By coming to the LaSalle hospital, you are choosing an environment in which the organization of care and services, as well as the mission, are assured by professional men and women - be it doctors, medical students (residents or interns) as well as supporting staff, who all work as a team.

Be aware that although you have a doctor, he or she works in a team of professional men and women. The organization of their work requires them to be on call alternatively. Since the date of your delivery is impossible to predict with precision, we cannot guarantee that your doctor (or a doctor of your preferred gender) be present on that day.

Furthermore, our hospital centre is a public establishment and, as in all governmental organizations, it respects the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This charter guarantees that no person will face discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnic origin, social-economic level, sexual orientation, age or gender. It is for this reason that no requests will be accepted regarding the gender of your doctor. Thus, every couple choosing to entrust their pregnancy follow-up to a member of our group must accept the choice and obligation of our establishment to comply with said Charter.

If you absolutely wish that your own doctor or a doctor of a specific gender be there at your delivery – which we cannot guarantee - know that you are entirely free to choose a doctor from another establishment who would better suit your needs. We encourage you to make this choice as soon as possible in order to have a more optimal pregnancy follow-up.

Naturally, we remain available to answer all of your questions and hope that this information will make your decision easier when it comes to your choice of a doctor or birthing center.